See my github page for most code stuff I've worked on.

Code Snippets

I have a few code project that predate my github account. I plan to put these on github at some point, but until then they will hang out on this page.
These are some coding projects that I've done that might be useful to others. The source code is well commented so it should be self-explanatory. My blog should usually have additional information on the code here. This source code is offered without any warantees or guarantees of fitness but you are welcome to use it in any project so long as you follow the license (zlib) that appears in each file.

Simplified lua calls from C++ to lua.

This is just a single hpp and cpp file that uses C++0x variadic templates to greatly simplify calling lua functions and getting return values from them.
A gzipped tar file is here.

Conversion to and from network data.

Templated functions to convert data to and from network endian and add it into or remove it from a buffer. There is a class to simplify reading primitives and containers from a character buffer and functions to simplify adding primitives and containers into a buffer.
A gzipped tar file is here.

Code that simplifies cross entropy optimization.

The cross entropy method is a way to optimize parameters or to find the solution to an optimization problem. Here I've encapsulated the cross entropy approach into a single function call. I also posted an article explaining cross entropy and how to use this software here.
A gzipped tar file is here.